Why you need COPYSTRONG

Protect Your Content

Like many others, you invested a considerable amount of time and money on your website. Do not leave your content, code and images open for others to reuse without your knowledge.

Track Suspicious Behavior

Monitor what content is taken from your site and by whom. Learn which digital assets on your website are being copied, removed and reposted online.

Recover your IP

IP infringement is a serious crime. That’s why our team works closely with industry leading legal teams and federal and state agencies to prevent IP infringement and protect copyright holders.

Advertise On Your Content

Every digital asset on your site can be turned into potential advertisement, which is triggered by a ‘copy.’ See how you can seamlessly send targeted advertisement to those who copy your content.


COPYSTRONGprovides online property owners the ability to protect their digital assets and to turn potential threats into advertisement opportunities.


Content targeted advertising is a new revenue opportunity for your brand. With COPYSTRONG™, every person who copies your content, code or images will be served with an advertisement that you can customize. That person will be targeted with advertisements that are based on the content of your site or the interests of that person. Innovative content targeting options allow ads to better precisely reach their desired audiences on your site, which could increase revenue for your brand and create a better experience for your site visitors.

How can Ad-Serving help you


COPYSTRONG integrates with most CMS, including these...

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New level of cybersecurity with COPYSTRONG

Data theft is one of the most dangerous threats for online businesses today. It potentially disrupts revenue and competitiveness and could even endanger business viability. Unfortunately, many site scrapers use evasion techniques to conceal their identities, such as anonymous proxies, Tor network servers or leased botnets, which makes it hard to prevent them from taking your data assets.

In order to avoid such threats, copyright holders need to take more caution on how their content is reproduced, distributed, and utilized. Detecting and blocking known malicious sources can hinder scraping attacks. With COPYSTRONG™, users can see a clear comprehensive digital fingerprint of their infringers. Our platform provides real-time monitoring and analytics system, which will alert users and provide them with full visibility into site infringement attempts, geographical location of alerts and IP addresses.